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Accom debuts low-cost HDTV recording system

Accom has announced the WSD/HDi, an uncompressed HDTV recording system. The new WSD/HDi Digital Disk Recorder (DDR) uses a video disk storage array integrated inside its chassis.

Accom’s NetPanel user interface for the WSD/HDi runs under a web browser of any Windows or Macintosh computer on the network.

Accom’s DDR offers an import/export utility that allows it to interface with a network of graphics rendering computers and film printers without concern for proprietary file formats. It eliminates the need for complex transfer scripting or the need to use QuickTime file wrappers. The import utility can monitor up to five user-defined directories for the arrival of single-frame image files. As soon as an image file arrives, the utility automatically inserts the frame into the clip of the same name stored on the WSD/HDi.

While the WSD/HDi is recording a clip, the export utility can transfer individual frames from that clip (or any clip already stored) to any computer or film printer on the network. All popular image file formats are supported, such as SGI, TARGA, TIFF and PSD.

The WSD/HDi integrates into installations with a mix of Mac OS X, Windows and Irix operating systems. This workflow is germane when creating graphics and effects for HDTV and electronic film.

The WSD/HDi simultaneously stores both standard-definition (525/625) and high-definition uncompressed video formats with optional uncompressed digital audio all in the same machine. Clips with different video formats and different line standards can all co-exist in the WSD/HDi’s built-in storage array.

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