Access Hollywood installs FOR-A fame Synch/TBC devices

NBC’s “Access Hollywood” has installed a frame synchronizer/time base corrector from FOR-A to streamline the show’s time synchronization without any video break-up or lip-sync errors to the signal received at the show's studio in Burbank.

Erick Diaz, technical manager at “Access Hollywood,” said that the FOR-A FA-395 frame synchronizer/time base corrector locks the incoming signal to their production switcher, so that the operator can playback video in the show, do cuts, wipes, and dissolves without any reference locking issues.

“Access Hollywood” was left without a dedicated frame sync for incoming satellite feeds when it moved in July 2003 from its home in Studio 5 to a renovated and digitally upgraded Studio 1.

The new frame sync is connected to one of the show’s dedicated master grid feeds, which are analog. The analog output of the FA-395 is then fed to an analog-to-digital converter before hitting the digital video switcher.

The FA-395, which supports analog composite, analog component, digital component, digital audio, and analog audio I/O, also features audio delay capability in the 1RU unit.

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