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‘Access Hollywood’ Installs Abekas Mira Production Servers

MENLO PARK, CALIF.—Tasked with bringing the latest news from Hollywood to homes throughout the country, “Access Hollywood” is now tasking Abekas to help production of its daily shows with the installation of three Mira Production multi-channel servers. The servers are located at “Access Hollywood’s” Universal City, Calif., facility, where 20 channels of Mira Production feed on-set display and replay graphics for three daily shows, including a live evening broadcast.

Mira Production

Mira’s 20 channels are divided into three working groups. Four channels are used to feed on-set displays and provide replay graphics backup; eight for video/key configuration to play back graphics backup; and four channels are dedicated to the switcher that controls the Mira directly to recall opening graphics and transitions with audio. The remaining four channels are for graphics backup.

The Mira also has 4K features, which “Access Hollywood” will utilize in the future with its new on-set large display for 4K images.

Abekas is a developer of digital video/audio delay devices, digital video clip servers, digital video special effects, and video editing tools. The company is based in Menlo Park, Calif.