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ABC Taps Miranda for NYC HD Switching Center

ABC has signaled its intent to use Miranda signal processing and monitoring equipment from Miranda Technologies for the relatively new HD Central Switching Center (CSC) facility in Manhattan.

ABC Television has placed a large equipment order with Miranda Technologies in connection with the construction of the network's new high-definition Central Switching Center (CSC).

According to Miranda, the CSC will serve as the primary central routing and signal processing installation for all of ABC Television's inbound feeds, its internal routing and distribution, as well quality control monitoring.

ABC's primary news programming—notably "World News with Charles Gibson," "Good Morning America," "Nightline" and "20/20"—all originate from New York City.

Michel Proulx, chief technology officer at Montreal-based Miranda, said in a statement that one of the big challenges of the Manhattan project was "simplifying the complexity of ABC's incoming feed system for the team of operators, especially as they're often working under the pressure of live events and breaking news."

Miranda's signal processing is based on the firm's new XVP-3901 single-card 3 GB HD/SD video/audio processor. XVP processors will be used for "converting and conditioning" feeds from ABC News' Washington bureau, its studios at Times Square, and other special events feeds arriving via satellite and fiber.