8K Association Channel Debuts on YouTube

8K Association YouTube channel
(Image credit: YouTube)

BOSTON—The 8K Association is launching its own YouTube channel, where it will share 8K-related content meant to promote the growth of the 8K ecosystem.

The 8K Association YouTube channel will feature comment that falls under three playlists: 8K entertainment, which will include 8K native videos for playback on 8K TVs; 8K Products and Reviews, showcasing consumer and professional 8K products; and Learn About 8K, where 8K Association will present educational seminars for professional interested in the 8K ecosystem.

Some of the educational content will include sessions from the SMPTE 2020 conference, a review of the State of the 8K Ecosystem, two panel discussions from NAB Express 2020 and more.

8K Association member companies also on YouTube can be accessed through the 8K Association channel as well.

In addition, 8K Association has created new Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to go along with its existing Twitter account.

For more information, visit www.8Kassociation.com.