8K, 5G Demonstration Taking Place at French Open

PARIS—While Roland-Garros is currently hosting the world’s best for the two-week French Open tennis tournament, the stadium is also playing to host a preview of what could be the future of how the tournament is broadcast to fans.

Throughout the tournament, two showrooms have been setup in collaboration from the French Tennis Federation, France Televisions and Orange to showcase a live 8K broadcast of matches using a 5G trial network.

The official setup features France Televisions’ 8K cameras installed on the Philippe-Chatrier court, which are linked to a service platform that handles the live encoding of the images, replay and VOD of the matches. This is then connected to 5G Orange transmitters that are deployed in the Roland-Garros stadium. The 5G signals will be received in fixed and mobile mode via Oppo’s 5G technology and displayed on 8K TVs in the showrooms.

France Televisions will also be testing out Orange 5G retransmission capabilities for their cameras.

For a more technical look at the setup for this 8K experiment, check out the France TV Lab blog.