5Qs About NAB 2016: Ken Aagaard

LAS VEGASTV Technology asked a cross-section of NAB Show-goers a series of five questions regarding what they considered the main themes, evidence of those, whether or not these initiatives will take hold, and what promising technologies from past NAB Shows did not see daylight. (A complete list of quotes from respondents and links to their full 5Qs is at “NAB 2016 in 21 Quotes.”)

Ken Aagaard, executive vice president of engineering, operations and production services for CBS Sports:
Q1.How many NAB Shows have you attended?
K.A. This is around my 36th. 

Q2.What, in your opinion, were the main themes of the show this year?
K.A. 4K and HDR 

Q3.What were some examples of these themes?
K.A. Every booth had something 4K. 

Q4.Do you foresee any or all of these technologies or initiatives taking hold?
K.A. Yes 4K and HDR will happen. Hard part is how do we produce this format but continue to serve HD viewer and not lose production elements. Big learning curve for live sports production. 

Q5.What technology that impressed you most at a past show didn’t see the light of day?
K.A. 3D