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3D-HD Gets End-to-End Demo in Rome

As part of the recent Sat Expo Europe 2009 conference, Eutelsat, OpenSkyand DBW Communication filmed, transmitted and projected a live jazz performance in 3D-HD. The demonstration was designed to replicate the full conditions of a live 3D event.

Visitors to the Rome show saw the performance projected in stereo 3D-HD on a cinema screen and prototype stereo 3D-HD television sets.

The 3D shooting and production were handed by Rome-based prodctuion company DBW Communication, while OpenSky managed the encoding, decoding and projection. Eutelsat’s Eurobird 3 satellite was used for delivery of the production.

In November, OpenSky acquired a PROFline SuperFlex Pro Cinema solution for satellite distribution of live HD, 2D and 3D events, as well as digital movies in the JPEG2000 format, as part of the ISIDE E/D-Cinema distribution project.

The three companies are also collaborating in the 3D Stereoscopic Group and have combined resources and expertise to provide end-to-end 3D services in Europe, from filming to playout.

Prior to the Sat Expo Europe demonstration, Eutelsat has been experimenting with the emerging market for 3D transmissions. Satellite capacity on Eurobird 9A at 9 degrees East has been transmitting a test 3D channel since the beginning of 2009 as a testbed for analyzing screens, encoders and decoders.