2014 CES: TVs That Read Your Mind, Almost

LAS VEGAS — The inundation of announcements from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas commenced as the exhibit crates were being unpacked on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here is a smattering from the Shameless Aggregation Division of TV Technology.

NanoTech, LumaForge Partner on 4K,” from TWICE.
NanoTech Entertainment said Friday that it has partnered with LumaForge to provide consumers with a cost-effective pipeline for the delivery of VP9 compressed 4K content streamed through NanoTech’s Nuvola NP-1 streaming media player. See more at TWICE.

Dish Unveils ‘Virtual Joey’ App for LG TVs,” from Multichannel News.
Dish Network took a step toward a set-top-free world Sunday with word that it has developed a “Virtual Joey” software app that will deliver the Hopper HD-DVR experience to 2013 and 2014 model smart TVs from LG Electronics. See more at MCN.

But wait, there’s more…

Dish Enhances, Super-Sizes Hopper HD-DVR Platform,” also at Multi.
Dish Network used the annual gadgetfest to unveil a wave of enhancements and additions to its Hopper-branded whole-home HD-DVR platform, including the SuperJoey, a device that enables Dish subs to record as many as eight shows as once when paired with the Hopper whole-home HD-DVR with Sling. See more at MCN.

And then there’s this… (@_@)

Panasonic Unveils Facial-Recognition TVs,” from Mashable.
Panasonic unveiled a series of new products aimed to ramp up the living room experience, including voice-activated and face-recognition software that brings interactivity to watching TV. See more at Mashable.

And this… (<_>
GM and AT&T Blur Line Between Car and Smartphone,” not a Robin Thicke music video from MIT Technology Review.
Most 2015 models of Chevrolet will have 4G LTE cellular connections built in to provide Wi-Fi to people inside and nearby, the company announced Sunday. The first 10 models with the new, optional feature will appear in mid-2014; they will include Chevrolet’s plug-in hybrid, the Volt. See more at MIT Technology Review.

And from Dolby… (0_0)

Dolby Vision Aims to Open Eyes at CES,” from Variety.
The company has unveiled its new “Dolby Vision” system for encoding pictures with vastly more dynamic range and color — 100 times the peak brightness of the current television grading standard. See more at Variety.

And… whaaaaa??? (O_o)

Vizeo Unveils 120-inch Ultra HD TV,” from USA Today.
The TV weighs 400 pounds… No matter how many times they were asked, Vizio execs declined to offer any clues to its pricing. See more atUSA Today.

Not to be outdone… ( ? )

Sharp Outs 85-inch Glasses-Free 3DTV & Quattron Pro Pseudo 4KTVs,” from HDTVtest.
Sharp has announced… it will be showcasing an 85-inch 8KTV prototype capable of delivering a glasses-free 3D viewing experience. The display was developed in partnership with Philips and Dolby. See more at HDTVtest.

No 4K content, no problem for LG… (°_°)

LG Couples Netflix 4K Content With 4KTVs,” from us.
LG’s 2014 4KTVs, aka Ultra HD TVs, will use the company’s webOS Smart TV platform to support 4k content streaming from Netflix. - See more at TV Technology.

Meanwhile, pocketbookwise… (+_+)

LG Spills Price, Releases Details on Ultra HD, OLED and webOS TVs,” from engadget.
First up is its impossibly large 105-inch curved LCD, an ultrawide screen that may actually deliver on its promise of a cinema experience in the home. While this doesn't have a specific release period, LG is anticipating an MSRP of about $70K, so it won’t come cheap. Seymour at engadget.