16x9 rolls out EX 1.5X Tele Converter for compact HD camcorders

The new EX 1.5X Tele Converter from 16x9 is designed to enhance the performance of compact HD camcorders, including the Sony HVR-V1U and HDR-FX7. The latest in the 16x9 EX collection of HD-quality lens accessories, the 1.5X simply threads onto the front of the camera lens, adding 1.5X magnification.

When used with the HVR-V1U's internal 1.5x digital extender, the EX 1.5X combines to produce a full 2.25X telephoto effect. The original camera lens focal length of 3.9mm to 78mm shifts to 14mm to 175mm, or the equivalent of a 35mm still lens with a range of 135mm to 1683mm.

The new 16x9 attachment also offers significant zoom-through ability. When used with the internal extender, the Tele Converter lets operators zoom nearly 12.5X before vignetting.

For more information, visit www.16x9inc.com.