Zaxcom attempts to reduce costs of mixing with Deva Mix-12

Zaxcom is shipping its Deva Mix-12 digital 12-fader control surface that directly manages the audio mixer embedded within the Zaxcom Deva IV and V location recorders. Combined with either the Deva IV or V, it performs all location mix and record functions, reducing production costs by eliminating the need for expensive external mixing consoles.

When paired with the Deva IV, the Deva Mix-12 features 16 inputs and 18 outputs, and 16 inputs and 20 outputs when paired with the Deva V. Its microphone pre-amps ensure no coloration or distortion of the audio by transformers or other analog circuitry. Only the pre-amps and A-D and D-A converters are used for analog connections to the outside world. Mixing is performed digitally via a floating-point DSP, ensuring no distortion or channel-to-channel differences, which can occur with traditional analog mixing consoles over time or with temperature changes. Users will have the ability to remove hum and buzz with the two notch features on each channel, a capability that can save time and money on a shoot.

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