Xytech announces data integration services

Xytech Systems, a Burbank, CA,-based provider of workflow and media asset management software, has announced the creation of a Data Integration Services department.

The department brings together a set of resources to assist customers in planning and managing the often complex challenges of assimilating information from a variety of systems.

The department focuses on the following services:

  • Interfaces. Typically these types of applications synchronize data between two systems on a regular interval. A range of solutions can be provided, from full-scale application programming interfaces (APIs) to customer-specific interface utilities.
  • Imports and Exports. These programs are usually created for a one-time use, with an Import bringing a batch of new data into specific Xytech Enterprise tables and an Export creating an output file for another system to read.
  • Conversions. New sites implementing Xytech Enterprise may need to bring in a full set of data from their previous system. For certain applications (such as Xytech Myriad), standard programs are available to accomplish this task.
  • Consultation. In many cases, significant analysis is needed to determine data integration requirements, approaches, etc. Xytech Systems implementation managers, business analysts and software developers will team up with customer IT and business process managers to design the best solution for a particular situation.

For more information, visit www.xytechsystems.com.

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