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WIGE Television adds digital signal analyzers to new HD1 OB truck

Five LV5750 analyzers are stationed in HD1’s camera control area while one LV5700A resides in the master control room and the other is kept handy for site setup.

WIGE Television has ordered seven Leader digital signal analyzers for its new 16-camera HDTV outside broadcast vehicle, HD1.

The company is a subsidiary of WIGE Media, one of Europe's live sports broadcasting specialists. Two Leader LV5700A multistandard HD/SD waveform monitors and five LV5750 ultra-compact instruments have been installed.

The five analyzers are housed in the camera control area to ensure consistent color matching from incoming feeds. One of the LV5700A units is installed in the master control room and the other in the cable store at the rear of the vehicle where it is accessible during setup.

HD1 joins an existing fleet of five vehicles used primarily for sports and entertainment coverage. It is already scheduled for the summer 2006 World Cup Soccer season. Another WIGE HD OB truck will be ready in April.

The LV5700A offers vector display, direct picture monitoring and audio waveform viewing on an integral XGA TFT LCD screen. It combines operational stability with compact front-panel dimensions. The LV5700A can handle a wide range of HD-SDI video formats and both SD-SDI systems.

When linked to Leader's FS3018 lighting monitor via a wireless PDA, the LV5700A allows remote viewing of digitally sourced picture, waveform, color vectors and status data. Any spot on the picture can be selected via the PDA's cursor controls for numeric analysis of percentage YRGB color component levels.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands-based elQuip supplied the Leader LV5700As and LV5750s.

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