Wheatstone Webcast Bios

Building a Secure Digital Audio Network


Andy Calvanese
Vice-President of Engineering

One of the first people to join Wheatstone back in its founding years, Andy Calvanese has played an integral role in the company's development for almost three decades. He has hands-on responsibility for all new product development from initial R&D, through engineering design implementation and finally the manufacturing and production process itself. As Vice-President of Engineering he acts as project head for all hardware and software endeavors under the Wheatstone, Audioarts Engineering and Vorsis brand names.

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Paul Picard
Technical Support Engineer

Paul Picard is one of the core members of the Wheatstone team and has served 20 years in various technical disciplines including: manufacturing, test, new product de-bugging, software interface development, product documentation, factory and onsite technical services. He currently maintains a leading role as the Technical Support - Product Development Liaison for Wheatstone and its subsidiary companies, Audioarts and Vorsis.

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Kent Hatfield
Vice-President, Technology & Operations
Rochester, New York

Kent Hatfield’s roots in the broadcast industry can be traced back to previous positions he held as the News / Commercial Production Technical Director of KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas and as Director of Engineering of Louisiana Public Broadcasting in Baton Rouge, LA. Since 1999 he has been active in his current position as Vice-President of Technology and Operations of the WXXI dual facility in Rochester, New York. He has extensive facility design experience for both radio and television facilities. Career highlights include: a nomination for technical daytime Emmy and serving two terms as a Technical Advisory Committee member to PBS corporate engineers.

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Brad Dick
Broadcast Engineering

Brad Dick has 25 years experience in TV/Radio stations; Director of Engineering/Operations at University of Kansas; SBE-certified Professional Broadcast Engineer; Two-term SBE president and seven-term SBE secretary; Winner of two American Society of Business Press Editors Awards and two Neal Awards; B.A. and M.A. degrees in Broadcast Station Management.

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