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Weather Channel implements SeaChange MediaClient architecture

Using SeaChange’s MediaClient platform, The Weather Channel’s editors and producers will be able to collaborate more effectively, opening up new possibilities for its business.

The Weather Channel is implementing SeaChange International’s new IP-based MediaClient architecture. The system, being installed this month, will be an integral part of the TWC operation and provide the foundation for a future collaborative production environment.

With SeaChange’s IP-based centralized storage, The Weather Channel’s team of editors and producers will be able to collaborate more effectively than ever before — and the inherent scalability of this new system opens up new possibilities for its business.

The Weather Channel is deploying the BML 24000e CIFS server to provide centralized access to its stored broadcast content throughout its plant. TWC’s MediaClient codecs, providing broadcast-quality I/O, and its numerous Final Cut Pro editors, will have inexpensive Gigabit IP access to the content, providing “edit-in-place, play-in-place” functionality. With this centralized access, the team at the Weather Channel will be able to more efficiently create more timely local and regional content.

The new CIFS-based client/server architecture leverages SeaChange’s Broadcast MediaLibrary (BML), which provides fault-resilient storage, independent of the image format, compression standard and file type. BML 24000e is now available as a high-performance CIFS server and is complemented by SeaChange’s new software-based MediaClient Codecs — which, for the first time, couple real-time, broadcast-quality I/O and high-quality MPEG-2 and DV coding with CIFS storage access over inexpensive Gigabit IP networks.

In addition, other CIFS-based client devices, such as nonlinear editing systems, can now take advantage of the low cost, high bandwidth and scalability of the BML. Through the use of Gigabit IP connectivity and open, standards-based CIFS file access, the BML 24000e can provide high-performance storage access to hundreds of attached Windows, Apple, Linux or UNIX clients.

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