Washington State University installs Sony XDCAM professional disc system

Washington State University has installed Sony's XDCAM professional disc system. The optical disc technology has been in place since February, and is used both as a classroom tool and to produce a university-run community affairs show called "Face to Face."

A key feature of the XDCAM system is its in-camera editing capabilities, allowing crews to review footage as thumbnails on the camcorder's LCD screen. Once the discs from the set are handed over to the show's post-production team, random access allows the post team to locate scenes according to timecode breaks.

At the center of the XDCAM system is Sony's blue-laser based Professional Disc media, which offers random access to footage in the field or during the post process, and multi-format flexibility and flexible record times.

The Professional Disc media has a maximum transfer rate of 144Mb/s when using the PDW-1500 compact deck with two optical heads. The discs also offer portability and are packaged in specially designed durable cartridges resistant to dust, shock and scratches.

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