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Vizrt features integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Anywhere at IBC2013

Vizrt and Adobe demonstrated seamless integration between their products, enabling more streamlined and efficient video editing and production workflows, at IBC2013.

The companies featured integration between the Viz Media Engine file-based media asset management (MAM) system and AdobePremiere Pro CC nonlinear editing system (NLE) software and the Adobe Anywhere collaborative workflow platform.

Viz Media integration with Adobe Anywhere extends remote access to Viz Media Engine to include search, browse and proxy editing as well as Adobe Premiere Pro CC editing. Adobe Anywhere accesses full resolution files on the Viz Media Engine and provides a viewing stream based on the available bandwidth to the NLE.

Video and graphics rendering takes place on the Adobe Anywhere server, which fosters real-time collaboration and media file sharing between creative team members from any location with high-speed LAN or WAN connectivity.