Virtual studio, robotic camera to give Egyptian broadcaster new look

Al-Nahar TV — a global entertainment and news network in Egypt — has purchased Hybrid 3-D virtual studio systems and robotic camera heads. The equipment will transform two studios used for daily news, entertainment and live sports programming for Al Nahar Entertainment and Al-Nahar Sports channels. 

Each studio will employ the same configuration of Hybrid products: two Silver II PTZF robotic camera heads, a Cobalt control panel with Mercury control software, and one camera in the ceiling for beauty shots using Hybrid’s Neon trackless virtual set system.

Al-Nahar TV Network, which has won a dozen awards since launching in June 2011, has been among the top three TV networks in Egypt’s post-revolution era. Network management is leveraging technology to create a competitive advantage.

Al-Nahar TV, which operates a total of five satellite channels in Arabic and English, is currently designing the virtual sets. 

The Neon trackless virtual set is based upon the same core engine as Hybrid’s higher-end Krypton system, but it allows for virtual camera movements in real-time from fixed cameras on set. It requires only a PC and software and operates with a simple drag-and-drop process. It creates the illusion of sophisticated camera moves within a virtual set without use of a tracking system, chroma keyer or other accessories.

Al-Nahar TV ordered two Hybrid Silver II robotic pan/tilt/zoom/focus (PTZF) camera control systems for tracking virtual studio camera moves, such as zooms from wide to close-up. A fixed camera will be mounted at ceiling height for dramatic camera tracking effects during live shows, such as camera moves that start from the studio entry and zoom in toward the talent.