Vendor View, Erik Otto, Mediaproxy

Expected tech trends: 4K will most likely keep dominating the current manufacturer and trade show landscape, whereas broadcasters will continue to seek out cost effective solutions to diversify their platforms and income streams across second screen opportunities.

New at IBC: We will be showing our most advanced version yet of our industry-leading compliance recording and transport stream monitoring LogServer solution. Enhancements to the core product include support for OTT logging and a redesigned encoding engine to accommodate the most demanding ASI and IP logging requirements. Customers will also be able to see our latest TSAnalyzer application, which enables transport stream monitoring across all mobile devices.

Initial thoughts on 4K/8K: After 3D has thoroughly lost its momentum beyond some cinema and home use, 4K emerges as the obvious heir apparent. The current questions revolve around content availability and consumers' willingness to invest in yet another new display.

The push to up the resolution as a means to drive growth for traditional broadcast business seems to be more driven by manufacturers at this stage. The reality is that most customers are still recovering from the significant investment to move to digital and HD.

Consumers are voicing affection for being able to move into the position of the‘director' by having the ability to choose different angles, re-edit and render slow motion replays during live sports. This is where cloud services and of course 4K or 8K production firmly enter the stage. So many assumptions, so few crystal balls, but that's broadcast.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam: The beer gardens at Leidseplein. It's a good spot to kick back after a long day at the show and survey the local gentry.

How many IBCs to date; any IBC trade show tips: I try to stop counting as life sometimes feels like a trade show. As far as tips are concerned -- by the time I land in Amsterdam on the 30-hour voyage, I would have already swept up a wide gamut of bacteria. And since I have orphaned my iPhone years ago in exchange for a Windows 8 one, I don't need extra batteries!

Trade shows are like a family BBQ. You catch up with people you like and some you could have done without. Enjoy it for what it is.