UBC Goes Live With Wasp 3D for World Cup

KAMPALA, UGANDA—Under a stringent timeline, WASP3D designed a comprehensive graphics package for Uganda Broadcast Corp. (UBC) for its FIFA World Cup coverage. WASP3D said the design of the system kept in mind the need to simplify the graphics creation and presentation process, while providing viewers with expert analysis and an engaging content presentation that went beyond simple data graphics.

The complete interactive package covered all aspects for a studio broadcast of a big sport event. Using WASP3D’s interactive touchscreen based solution (WASPi-Mimosa), anchors could guide viewers through the tournament with pre-game statistics and line-ups, in-game analysis and post-game discussions.

The system included 3D models of the various stadiums hosting the World Cup matches. 3D graphics templates were created in Drone Designer. Live automated data feeds or manual data were integrated using WASP3D’s Comb Builder application.

Other key features of the UBC system included real-time 3D graphics; Unified Basis Template (UBT) to reduce coding hassles;. In-built animation and design effects including real-time reflection/ refraction, Phong shading, text effect, particle effect, shadow effect, lighting textures, bump maps & more; and an anchor controlled, non-linear presentation that includes Zoom, Pan, Stretch, and Telerate on a touch screen panel with pre-assigned gestures.

“The solution was designed for Uganda Broadcast Corporation under a very stringent timeline,” said Mr. Deependra Rathi , VP, WASP3D. “For this project, WASP3D assembled an onsite team of highly experienced project managers, system designers and engineers as well as graphics artists.

“For WASP3D it was a very prestigious project, yet challenging----(it) entailed live data coming from multiple sources and the need to package and present the content more interactively.”

Mark Hallinger