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TV de Galicia turns to Chyron Duet LEX for newsroom solution

Three Chyron Duet LEX character generators now run Lyric compositing software for Television de Galicia's ENPS digital newsroom.

Television de Galicia (TVG) has installed three Chyron Duet LEX character generators running Lyric compositing software with a MOS interface for its ENPS digital newsroom.

Based in Santiago de Compostella, the Spanish public broadcaster produces news, sports and entertainment in the Galician language for the Autonomous Region of Galicia as well as for viewers in the rest of Europe and the Americas.

Using Chyron's MOS interface, TVG journalists can access Chyron's remote asset browsing, editing and playout capabilities from their ENPS desktops.

Chyron's Lyric software offers 2-D and 3-D animation capability and interfacing to an extensive range of external file formats. Its graphics creation and playback application runs on the Duet LEXs, and will provide TVG journalists with extensive support for templates.

Chyron's Spanish partner Clearcom installed the Duet LEX systems.

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