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Travel agencies eliminate printed, manual signage with dynamic displays

Digital displays replace printed and hand-produced signage in travel agency storefronts.

Public Display Technologies, an Allensnek, South Africa, systems integrator, has developed a digital signage system focused on the travel industry.

The digital system is intended to reduce the money that travel agencies spend on posters and other window signage and provide an easier way to update the agency’s most important sign — the airfare board, which displays the latest relevant airfares. Traditionally, these airfare boards are updated manually by staff using whiteboard markers.

PDT’s centrally controlled digital signage solution uses Scala’s InfoChannel Designer, Network Manager and Player software to power the travel agency’s displays. Using the system, expiration times can be set for limited duration specials while airfares can be updated on digital displays directly from a rates database, allowing special short term airfares to be placed on screens almost immediately. Moreover, the centrally generated network content serves multiple locations while allowing promotions and content to be tailored for each agency retail location.

PDT has been using the Scala system in the travel industry for about 18 months.The company estimates that its travel agency solution costs roughly the same as printing two posters per month and updating the airfare board once a week.

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