T-Mobile Gets Faster for Mobile at CES

Mobile TV loves bandwidth. Wi-Fi is great, but often you are on the road and need access to high-quality video. T-Mobile is ramping up the speed by announcing at CES that it has rolled out 4G 42Mb/s (2x previous benchmarks) in 12 new markets. This raises the speed in 145 markets and gives high-speed coverage to 184 million consumers in the United States.

It announced a new 4G phone as well, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze. The phone will rise to the occasion and be compatible with the 42Mb/s speed of its network, making it one of the fastest smartphones around as far as data is concerned.

T-Mobile also released some interesting statistics on mobile TV. It stated that 50 percent of all data consumed on its network is actually streaming video content, meaning half of all time is spent watching TV on its devices. It also said that data consumption is doubling every nine months.

Mobile TV is certainly something driving more use out of smartphones, but it also can lead to data caps and increased phone bills. Thankfully, cell phone companies are increasing their speeds and making television on a mobile device a rich and engaging experience. T-Mobile sees much of its network as geared toward mobile television and beyond.