Tightrope EDS supports conference and meeting room schedule display

Tightrope’s Event Display System is a plug-in to its Carousel digital signage that integrates with Dean Evan & Associates EMS.

Tightrope Media Systems has integrated the latest version of its Event Display System (EDS), a plug-in to the company’s Carousel digital signage system, with EMS event management platform from Dean Evans & Associates, which displays conference and meeting room schedules.

Carousel is an enterprise display system that companies and institutions use to communicate with people in their buildings. With the EDS plug-in, Carousel displays events scheduled using Evans’ event management database. The two systems, working together, provide an organization’s staff with a seamless workflow.

This new version marks the fourth revision of the plug-in.

For more information, visit www.trms.com or www.dea.com.

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