TBS implements IP content distribution for new Latin America facility

TBS is one of the largest broadcasters in Latin America. Recently, Turner migrated its Latin American broadcast services from its headquarters in Atlanta to a new facility in Buenos Aires. Turner originates 11 network feeds for Latin America directly from Argentina’s capital.

Utilizing multiple Pathfire Direct systems, TBS moves numerous hours of content each day between Atlanta, where the content is produced and Buenos Aires, where it is broadcast. Pathfire Direct allows TBS to move digitized files over IP-enabled terrestrial networks. By managing the distribution of files, Turner Broadcasting eliminates the costs associated with linear satellite transmission or tape delivery and also reduces the time required to distribute content.

Pathfire Direct's encoding algorithm enables TBS to move broadcast quality content quickly, reliably and efficiently between its locations. Utilizing transcoding methodology, pre-encoded content is maintained in the appropriate file format, whether needed for transport or for playout. Pathfire Direct also enables ingest of content from tape, when encoding is required, and interfaces with TBS’ automation system to facilitate a "hands-free" distribution and receipt of content.

For more information, visit www.pathfire.com.

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