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Syncbak brings MDTV to mobile devices

With investors such as NAB and CES, it’s no wonder Syncbak, which is the catalyst for bringing local stations to mobile, is gaining traction. Ramping up for its big commercial launch in 2012, the company provides access to local OTA channels directly via its app that runs on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, smartphones and game systems. The company covers all the content rights and distribution red tape and allows local networks to stream live on a variety of devices.

Syncbak is starting with numerous nationwide stations including KHQ-TV (Inland Northwest) and providing a way to access live OTA signals via dedicated software for mobile devices. Although the technology is complex, the implementation is fairly straightforward. A link appears on a broadcast website which connects direct to the app store (iOS and Android) and once the app is downloaded, the customer can stream the local affiliate live.

Having access to live local news, weather, sports and specials is the goal, and the company is focused on rolling out its technology to as many stations nationwide as possible. The catch is the customer’s local broadcaster must be utilizing Syncbak’s technology.

The company is in the process of lining up 50 stations (22 million households) to cover as wide an area as possible. Features include OTT distribution of original, syndicated, and/or locally produced content, out-of-market subscription options, cloud-based DVR functionality, targeted advertising and increased CPMs. The company has a lot of forward momentum and has grand plans to roll out the services in a big way in the next few quarters.