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Study: Mobile-TV Viewing Surpasses Broadcast Viewing

InMobi has just released the results of its latest survey, and the results may not come as a surprise to many. But it is also a look into the future and a good indicator of exactly how far content creators have come in designing a mobile-TV landscape.

The survey is tracking the numbers, and it shows that now 27 percent of participants are spending more time viewing content on mobile as opposed to 22 percent viewing actual TV. As mobile use continues to climb, these numbers are the reverse of even a year or two ago, where broadcast was still the king and mobile was just getting up to speed.

The biggest boom is not the content though, it is the advertising. The survey outlines that consumers are now more comfy with mobile advertising and their purchase behavior is more geared toward purchases centered around mobile.

Willingness to do transactions over mobile has been steadily increasing and, as more ads appear on mobile, along with more ways to have mobile transactions, it only makes sense that consumers are enjoying more TV time in the palms of their hand.

The survey states that 42 percent of respondents have said that mobile was the place where they first learned of a new product, and a beefy 76 percent have stated that they will make mobile purchases over the coming year. Twenty-three percent noted that they feel mobile purchases can save them time and money, and they are influenced by mobile advertising.

All of this is good news for mobile-TV content producers. There has always been a growing need for shows on devices, but content needs to be advertising-supported, and this survey clearly shows that consumers are eager to support the programming with their dollars and purchases.