Streambox, Inmarsat team to deliver video transport solution

Streambox and Inmarsat have formed a partnership to facilitate the transmission and delivery of low latency, real-time broadcast video to users of Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) service at data rates from 64Kb/s to 256Kb/s. The Streambox ACT-L3 video transport solutions give BGAN users a compact solution for plug-and-transmit video transport in regions with poor or nonexistent telecom networks.

The Streambox ACT-L3 is optimized for archiving DVD-quality video, transmitting video over long distances using broadband communications and serving it up over cost-effective networks. Designed for users in the military, the maritime sector and major news organizations, the mobile Inmarsat-Streambox video transmission service functions as an end-to-end news gathering or video conferencing solution that can be set up and operational in minutes.

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