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Sony Pictures Entertainment unveils plans for digital distribution of film and TV content

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has unveiled its plan to streamline the distribution of its film and television content by leveraging a series of new digital entertainment technology and services created by Ascent Media Group (AMG) and HP.

By digitizing its library of media assets – both film and TV – SPE can create content once and deliver it to its partners and customers many times, in any standard or format, more securely and quickly than before.

SPE’s alliance with AMG and HP will transition the formatting, management and distribution of its vast portfolio of media assets from traditional analog format to a tapeless digital environment.

SPE selected AMG to provide the end-to-end technology and services required to create, manage and store the studio’s digital library. AMG oversees SPE’s file-based digital asset management archive. The library may be searched and reviewed and the assets repurposed with the appropriate metadata for all of the studio’s post-theatrical outputs; manage the electronic and physical distribution of assets to and from this digital archive; oversee the ingestion of electronic assets; as well as create and archive the assets to data tape for back-up.

AMG and SPE chose HP’s Digital Media Platform (DMP) as its technology foundation. The HP DMP is an open standards-based framework consisting of enterprise software, hardware and services that allows media companies to digitize, store, process, manage, distribute and archive complex media assets.

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