Snell’s Protus Ph.C improves mobile video quality

At the 3GSM World Congress, Snell & Wilcox introduced a new video image conditioning system called Protus Ph.C that allows providers of mobile TV services to improve picture quality and reduce bandwidth requirements for delivering content to wireless, IPTV and Internet delivery platforms.

Compatible with virtually any video compression encoder and all compression formats, Protus Ph.C incorporates three Emmy Award-winning technologies from Snell & Wilcox to enable video content to be compressed more efficiently. This could result in double-digit percentage bandwidth savings for the operator, which can be used to deliver higher quality images — and less dropped and repeated frames — to consumers or to free up bandwidth for the delivery of extra video channels, resulting in higher revenues for the operator.

The company said that the Protus Ph.C applied a series of sophisticated image conditioning tools to video content prior to its compression and distribution over mobile TV, IPTV and Internet-based content delivery networks. These tools include noise reduction and motion-compensated deinterlacing and scaling, which converts video to the correct scanning format, picture size, aspect ratio and frame rate required by mobile devices and computer screens.

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