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Snell announces expanded family of ICE Channel-in-a-Box solutions

Snell launched a significant expansion of its industry-leading ICE channel-in-a-box, including two all-new models. The core ICE product now offers even greater functionality and horsepower in a more compact footprint. The new systems include ICE-LE, a low-cost 1U version that offers a streamlined feature set for smaller operations or simple video server refresh projects; and ICE SAN, which provides large-scale shared content storage to give multiple ICE units instant access to media.

Each ICE unit features multiple inputs and outputs with two DVEs and eight keyers per channel mixer, as well as routing and mixing functions, SD and HD format conversion, audio processing capabilities, and closed-caption/subtitle support. Despite a new, smaller form factor, the standard ICE system now offers twice the 2D or 3D graphics capabilities as before, for the same price as the previous configuration.

Also, through the new version 4.0 software, ICE now offers powerful new features such as Nielsen audience-tracking capabilities, integrated loudness control for compliance with international regulations, and Variplay, an option that enables operators to speed up noncritical material to compress time and make space for more essential playout.

The ICE-LE requires only 1RU and provides four channels of playout. It comes complete with robust routing, mixing, audio processing, format conversion tools, and 2 TB of storage.