Showtime Sync for iPad keeps mobile viewers in touch

Showtime has a new updated app out for iPad that is sure to be a hit with mobile fans, as well as fans of Showtime’s numerous hit shows such as "Shameless", "Dexter" and "Homeland". The app listens to your show and provides content to go along with it.

The app is availabe for iPad and is free to download from the iTunes store. Once installed, just tune in to Showtime, a prerecorded Showtime show, streaming Showtime content, or even a DVD or Blu-ray of a Showtime series. The app will listen to what you are watching using the iPad’s built-in microphone and automatically pull up material related to the content you are watching. If what you are watching is an enhanced episode, then the app could load content such as special features, trivia, polls, and predictions.

You can also use the app to browse through existing programming content and follow along with your favorite shows. The app is a redesign of the Showtime social app, and is focused on providing a second screen for Showtime fans.

The app is out now and available in Apple’s iTunes store.