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ShopKo implements promotions management system

ShopKo Stores has begun production with a new advertising, merchandising and promotion (AMP) software system in its merchandising and advertising departments. The $3 billion specialty discount retailer operates more than 360 ShopKo and Pamida stores.

ShopKo implemented Connect3’s AMP Performance Series, integrating Connect3's core Promotion Manager module with ShopKo's Retek merchandising, inventory and POS systems. Connect3 Signage Manager will provide digital asset management and version optimization for ShopKo’s targeted in-store visual merchandising materials.

The new system will help ShopKo manage complex promotional offers while improving collaborative promotions and streamlining merchandising and advertising workflows. The Connect3 system includes Web-based merchandising, reporting and workflow tools that enable merchandising, marketing and advertising departments to collaborate cross-category to deliver promotions that follow company business rules.

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