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SeaChange uses Blade to accelerate ingest

Ingest Blade gives broadband operators the ability to simultaneously capture hundreds of television programs and make them immediately available by on-demand subscribers.

SeaChange has unveiled the Ingest Blade, a technology that allows broadcast operators to simultaneously capture hundreds of television programs for immediate access by on-demand subscribers.

Slated for customer shipment early next year, this add-on for SeaChange servers fulfills the increasing demand for new content from networks, local broadcasters and other sources.

Processing content on-board at hundreds of megabits/sec., SeaChange Ingest Blades eliminate typical Ethernet/operating system/CPU path bottlenecks, enabling operators to add hours of video programming to servers faster than ever before, the company said.

The Ingest Blade and the previously announced SeaChange Memory Blade help operators add streams, storage and ingest independently, in increments, to new and existing systems. Also planned for early 2006 availability, the Memory Blade turns deployed SeaChange servers into hybrid memory-disk servers, the most efficient model for “ the long tail” emerging needs of operators’ content libraries.

With these seamless additions, even the smallest standalone server can record more than 50 channels simultaneously and deliver thousands of on-demand streams to subscribers, scaling to hundreds of simultaneous ingest channels and tens of thousands of on-demand streams in the SeaChange MediaCluster architecture.

The advantages of SeaChange Blades are fully realized by SeaChange’s Axiom video operation system software. Axiom dynamically manages the lifespan of on-demand content, including real-time content capture from broadcast and other sources. Axiom, operating in conjunction with VOD servers, manages sessions and resources for all video network functions, including storage, streaming and application network services —ensuring streaming and network bandwidth is optimized and providing seamless access for set top applications.

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