Scharff Weisberg upgrades panels used for New York events

Scharff Weisberg, a company that coordinates audio, video, lighting and post production for a wide variety of events in the New York City area, is continuing to upgrade its inventory and tinker with the tools that help the company deliver crisp presentations of indoor and outdoor events.

The company is using new panels for indoor LED video. These new Barco I6 XP LED panels have 6mm resolution, 14-bit processing power, level 2 calibration, and enhanced software algorithms. They also deliver high-quality light output, color depth and uniformity, as well as improved gray scales. The tight resolution makes the I6 suitable for smaller image sizes, even at close viewing distances.

I6 is source compatible with many sources, including HD SDI, enabling users to deliver full native, non-compressed HD content such as 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

Scharff Weisberg previously brought G-LEC to the United States, which it has used on many projects, including the Nickelback and Sting tours. The company also designed LED video systems for the 2004 Republican National Convention — which featured a 300-tile video wall — and it designed and provided specs for an LED wall at Bloomberg media company headquarters.

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