Russia’s Mir Belogorya buys Leader instrumentation

Mir Belogorya’s main production facility is using a Leader digital signal analyzer for 625/50 (PAL) sources
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Serial digital signals are monitored in master control with the Leader LV5100D digital signal analyzer.

Mir Belogorya, one of the Russian Federation’ newest television channels, has chosen a Leader LV5100D digital signal analyzer for its headquarters in Belgorod. Founded by the regional government, Mir Belogorya produces news and information programming from a new tapeless studio.

The signal analyzer is installed in the facility’s digital master control room, where it monitors and analyzes signals via a Leitch 16 x 16 SDI router.

Designed for use with both 625/50 (PAL) and 525/60 (NTSC) sources, the LV5100D features passive dual component SDI input channels that conform to the ITU-R656-1 and SMPTE-259M standards. An active output provides onward transmission from either source. The instrument is also equipped with a triple-channel YUV/GBR analogue input. Signal levels can be measured using electronically generated cursor reference lines.

The LV5100D has a data dump function that lets users define their own line of digital data to be viewed as hex values. Other features include X-Y display of stereo audio, and 10 user-assignable memories enabling frequently employed measurement parameters to be stored for rapid recall.

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