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Riedel provides radio, intercom equipment in Torino

The German-based manufacturer and rental company Riedel Communications supplied the entire complement of radio equipment and all venue intercoms for the Torino Olympic Organizing Committee (TOROC).

In addition, Riedel, facilitated all radio traffic for host broadcaster Torino Olympic Broadcasting and employed its Artist digital intercom for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Riedel developed an integrated radio and intercom concept for TOROC, which could accommodate both sports and organization-related communications. It was powerful enough to cover the local needs at the 14 venues and guarantee optimal cross-linking of all event locations. Riedel used about 7,000 digital TETRA radios, including accessories, for radio coverage of all competition and non-competition venues. In Torino, 40 Riedel engineers ensured the systems operated without trouble during the events and ceremonies.

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