Reuters renews delivery system for health network

Reuters Health has a new content distribution system that includes application hosting, server management and support services
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Reuters is revamping the delivery of its Reuters Health feed, the company’s news property that provides a variety of medical and health care news. Reuters Health services include Reuters Medical News, Reuters Health eLine and Reuters Health Industry Briefing, which provide unbiased, authoritative, timely and definitive health care information to stations around the globe.

Reuters has tapped Mainstream Data for end-to-end management of Reuters Health content distribution, including application hosting, server management and support services. In addition to supporting existing Reuters Health products, Mainstream will also make its suite of Medias applications and services available for future product enhancement. Beyond e-mail and FTP pull delivery, Mainstream's content distribution platform includes Medias FTP push delivery, MediasNet real-time Internet streaming, satellite delivery and the Medias Server edge server platform.

Reuters is integrating the Reuters Health Network platform with other Reuters platforms already running on Mainstream's networks. Mainstream’s MDI Technologies network fulfillment group will oversee large-scale and complex content distribution network projects, including the management of the Reuters World News Express roll-out.

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