Reflect Systems and Enseo announce digital signage integration alliance

Enterprise narrowcast software provider Reflect Systems joined forces with video playout hardware company Enseo to form a strategic partnership whereby each will develop future products and services based on the other’s respective platforms for digital signage solutions.

The agreement allows both companies to bundle software and hardware for clients. It combines Reflect Systems’ ReflectView software for digital video creation, management and delivery with Enseo’s Alchemy video and Alchemy Gfx video/graphics engines for SD, or HD playback on plasma, LCD or standard monitors.

Reflect Systems will utilize Enseo’s Alchemy and Gfx cards for HD and SD playout in multiple zones and run these cards natively in ReflectView. Enseo will use ReflectView for clients that have multiple zones of digital signage and widely distributed end-points that need to be managed.

The ReflectView platform can distribute dozens of video and audio feeds to multiple zones per location. Using Enseo Alchemy or Gfx technology, Reflect Systems will allow current and future clients to develop their content centrally but distribute globally to ReflectEdge remote nodes in stores, common areas or touch screen kiosks. Content developers or media placement organizations will be able to choose from a variety of Enseo or Reflect input options for using video, video with graphic overlays or combinations of live and programmed feeds.

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