PWS brings audio expertise to Telemundo

Live television is a high-wire act that has no net. Mistakes — intolerable! Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) supplied wireless systems last year for Telemundo’s first ‘Premios Tu Mondo” awards show. Broadcast live in primetime from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, this year’s show featured Eva Longoria, Daddy Yankee and many other Hispanic celebrities. PWS was again been tapped to provide wireless systems.

“We are thrilled to have once again worked with Telemundo on this event, especially at the American Airlines Arena,” says Jim Van Winkle, general manager of PWS. “Having just been there for the NBA Finals and other events throughout the year, we know this venue extremely well. This allowed us to provide all the necessary equipment needed for a smooth event.”

Wireless technology, along with smartphones, broadcast television and technologies still in the planning stages, are going through an intricate dance with the FCC and Congress. We’ll be spending time sorting the issues that will affect any engineer who works with the technologies that service these industries in the near future.

Brooks Schroeder handled frequency coordination for the show, and worked closely with PWS to insure that the unregistered wireless devices used were in compliance and that no interference occurred. “We policed the area to ensure that everyone was in compliance, so that everything would run smoothly, and there was no interference during the live broadcast,” said PWS general manager Jim Van Winkle.

In addition to the Telex BTR-800 wireless intercoms and IFBs that were used, PWS provided a Shure Axient system. Their team worked with Telemundo to make sure that the video wall and all components of the audio worked smoothly.

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