Puerto Rico Governor’s office modernizes media monitoring

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The office of Puerto Rico's governor, Hon. Anmbal Acevedo-Vila, is using an advanced desktop media monitoring system to keep up on news about the administration and various government agencies. Systems integrator RGB Broadcast Services helped install the system as part of a major overhaul of the office's monitoring operations. Governor Vila and his advisors now can access on-demand access to live and archived video content from anywhere in the world.

Governor Vila's Central Communications Office is using Volicon's Observer. The office had previously been recording and editing daily broadcasts of several local television and AM radio channels onto VHS and audio tape, respectively. Additionally, staff members were responsible for assembling print clippings from approximately five newspapers a day. As a result of this system, the governor and his advisors could only receive briefings late each night — and in the form of numerous VHS and audiotapes and one large book of print clippings. Older stories were only searchable through a manual archive.

The new system RGB Broadcast installed is divided into video, radio and print components. Replay Radio software records and stores radio content in MP3 files while Liberty IMS — which forms the backbone of the system — converts print documents into searchable electronic data. The Volicon Observer captures all the video elements of the system, converting them into extracted AVI files that it automatically transfers to NAS for 90 days.

For more information, visit www.volicon.com/observer.html.