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Proximity centralizes access to newsroom graphics for NewsChannel 8

Proximity's Xenostore

Allbritton Communications' NewsChannel 8, a 24-hour local cable news channel, recently automated its entire news graphics production process with Proximity's Xenostore and Xenotrack media asset management software.

Together, they provide a single graphics catalog, centralizing visibility to all content throughout an organization and dramatically streamlining the production workflow in a station. From any standard Web browser, artists, journalists and producers can manage and store media content with the click of a button.

Because the Proximity software is platform agnostic, NewsChannel 8 "glued" together its graphics-related equipment with Xenostore and Xenotrack. Graphics can now be moved and converted between a newsroom desktop PC and the station's existing Pinnacle character generators. The software works within the channel's Associated Press ENPS newsroom system, providing access to the station's full Xenostore catalog, simplifying the graphics retrieval and request process.

Xenostore provides a single media catalog for visibility to all content throughout an organization. Xenotrack tracks the order creation, queue management and review and approval of all new graphics. New content is automatically loaded into Xenostore and transcoded and copied to the playout device.

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