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Path 1 Network Technologies Cx1400, plus other new products


Path 1 Network Technologies Cx1400 video on demand series: designed to bridge the IP-based optical fiber QAM-based hybrid fiber coax distribution network; receives up to 90 IP-encapsulated MPEG-2 single transport streams; interoperable with standard IP switching equipment; the built-in program clock reference correction mechanism supports re-multiplexing of SPTS into MPTS; automatically regenerates MPEG-2 tables.


Pinnacle Systems Studio Deluxe: includes a PCI-board, Studio 7 software, and a small breakout box; can use either an analog or DV camcorder; captures footage; uses three different editing techniques; add music, titles, transitions and voice-overs; output video on VHS tape, CD or burn to DVD.
650-526-1600; Fax: 650-526-1601;


Thomson Multimedia Jupiter Configurator 6.2: makes settings and modifies entries; includes automatic data entry of required fields and automatic updates of related data; features drop-down menus for data entry; edit quickly with fill down, fill right, increment down and increment right program; has a quick find utility; includes open validation and automatic validation of all tables; identifies errors immediately.
+33 1 34 20 70 00; Fax: +33 1 34 20 70


Zenith Electronics DTVMOD30: creates an 8-VSB Trellis-encoded signal from an ATSC MPEG-encoded bit stream; signal uses a standard 44 MHz intermediate frequency output; features Trellis-encoded modulation, a SMPTE 310M standard bit stream input and a microprocessor control on board; pre-correction circuits are built into the system.
847-391-7000; 847-391-7253;


JK Audio ComPack: a 1.5 pound single pack that provides audio connections to analog phone lines; plugs into an RJ-11 jack; go off-hook and dial or answer an incoming call; inputs a female XLR; includes 1000Ω and mic/line switchable with 3.5 mm line input; outputs a male XLR, with 600Ω balanced in phone mix output mode; has a bi-directional unbalanced intercom mode.
815-786-2929; Fax: 815-786-8502;


Standard Communications L1000 low delay encoder/modulator: features encoding delay of less than 100m per second in either 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 format; dissipates 18 watts of power on AC or batter operation; is suitable for truck, helicopter, motorcycle, car and fly-away systems; rugged design eliminates bump-induced microphonics; inputs can be SDI, analog video and stereo audio; outputs include DVB ASI or QPSK format; can be manually controlled from the front panel, remotely controlled via RS-232 serial port or by use of an optional infrared remote control.
800-745-2445; Fax: 310-532-0397;


Motion Picture Marine Hydro Gyro: digitally stabilized for sea, land and air operations, including boat-to-boat filming, camera car, crane arm and helicopters; unit weighs 30 pounds for normal hands-on camera control.
310-822-1100; Fax:


Shure ULX Standard and ULX Professional UHF wireless systems: designed for both live performances and systems integration applications; operate between 554 MHz and 865 MHz; offers up to 1440 selectable frequencies that are organized into pre-programming groups; with the groups, users can set up and operate up to 20 compatible systems simultaneously; includes Predictive Diversity circuitry, which eliminates RF dropout and multi-function liquid crystal displays for monitoring group/channel selection, battery level and TV channel; can scan all frequency groups to locate the one with the maximum number of compatible frequencies; features frequency and volume lockout, advanced front panel controls, indicators for RF signal strength, furnished rack hardware, remote mountable ½ wave antennas and an extruded metal chassis.


SeaChange International Broadcast MediaCluster System's Digital Jog and Shuttle: segments existing video clips; eliminates the “tape-based” need to locate, load and stream videotape to segment programming; reduces the process of segmenting programs recorded into multiple VTRs, marked and then ingested back into a video server; eliminates the need for manual operation of the record VTRs by ingesting directly into the Broadcast MediaCluster.
978-897-0100; Fax: 978-897-0132;

VIRTUAL SET SimpleSet: download different virtual sets for use in broadcast news and entertainment from the Internet; technology is compatible with existing nonlinear edit suites, desktop editing tools and compositing systems; consists of a virtual set with four camera angles, thematic crawling walls and 3D objects; customized SimpleSets are available for specific needs.


Neutrik NL4Fx Speakon SPX series: connectors feature a higher current rating; amplifiers carry more than 1000 watts; change easily and quickly from a straight connector to the right-angle version, without disconnecting the cable; offers increased power handling, connection security and flexibility; consists of only three parts; can be ordered with boots with choice of five colors for instant identification; new adapter twist double locks on one end to convert female-to-female cable into female-to-male cable.
423-237-2424; Fax: 423-232-5393;


ENPS AP's Electronic News Production System: allows maximum screen space so windows never get “lost”; includes a briefing function for finding anything, anywhere with a single search; features a prior version history to automatically keep and track changes to public scripts, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get character generator control and private work areas for each user and public areas for groups; supports up to 64 high-speed news wire inputs; imports from numerous file formats.


Avid Unity for News: offers real-time shared storage for up to 50 high-resolution editing workstations; editors can locate and use media as soon as it is recorded; features bi-directional background file movement for simultaneous ingest and play-to-air; system in use at ZDF (Mainz and Berlin, Germany) newsroom.
800-949-AVID; Fax: 978-640-1366;


Vela Argus LC Encoder: MPEG-2 encoder provides real-time 4:2:0 multiplexing of transport, program and system streams from analog video and audio inputs; features multi-board and full D1 video support; includes a batch mode for automatic encoding of multiple clips; supports PAL or NTSC video formats; pause and resume encoding for multi-tape sources; features MPEG-2 encoding bit rates up to 15 Mbits/s, two-channel and analog audio.
727-507-5300; Fax: 727-507-5310;


Winsted Corp. Prestige Slim-Line Console: steel console designed for flat screen monitors used in command and control centers, network operating centers and broadcast control rooms; work surface can be formed to any shape or size; includes cutouts for adjustable keyboard shelves; components are interchangeable for complete flexibility in console configuration.
952-944-9050; Fax: 952-944-1546;


Tektronix AD920: battery-powered MPEG transport stream confidence tester reduces downtime, provides faster installation time and identifies faults; designed to ensure quality and reliability in networks that distribute video, audio and data in digital formats; analyzes transport streams at up to 100 Mbits/s.
800-426-2200; Fax: 503-222-1542;


Morrow Technologies VigilCom Remote Spectrum Analyzer: can be installed anywhere; frequency range is 60 to 80 MHz; analyzer is a compact 8.5 × 9.85 × 1.625 and weighs less than 5lb; operates from any location in the world via LAN, modem or the Internet; includes a virtual spectrum analyzer front panel that allows users to view and control spectrum displays in real time.
727-531-4000; Fax: 727-531-3531;


Auditronics ALM-12d: includes 12-input faders and two caller faders; features four mic preamps, control room and studio monitoring, built-in cue and headphone amplifiers; CE compliant; has sample rate converters on all digital inputs; includes digital domain meters and four mix-minus outputs; supports two callers; features LED illumination and bright dot matrix alpha displays; is field serviceable; has a 24-bit A>D and D>A.


Laird Telemedia Dvora: professional real-time turnkey hardware system integrates and optimizes for video edit software of choice; features all aluminum non-magnetic silver cabinet with advanced air handling system; includes an integrated component, a native DV IEEE 1394, composite (BNC), YC and balanced audio (XLR) I/Os; is horizontally stable; RS170A SCH locked DV signal output; has an optional 1RU broadcast professional steel breakout box; includes professional media manager keyboard and optical mouse.
800-898-0759; 845-339-0231;



Boris FX Boris RED 2.1: offers expanded host application support, faster 3D rendering and interface improvements to enhance productivity; includes new buttons for one-click creation of new tracks, 3D and title containers, vector text pages and user defined filters; features shortcuts for adding drop shadows, reflection maps, wireframe view and motion paths.


Leitch Technology CCS router gateway: capable of supporting up to 20 users on a network; users can configure and control any Leitch routing system over Ethernet; connects to a Leitch routing system; provides Ethernet connectivity for Leitch's Command Control System applications.
800-428-6627; Fax: 416-445-4308;