OOH! TV, Varsity Media Group offer teen-oriented digital signage content

Online entertainment network OOH! TV and Varsity Media Group are distributing digital signage content aimed at teenagers.

OOH! TV will showcase Varsity's programming on a global platform that includes digital signage in key malls across the nation where today's youth congregate. OOH! TV has rights to air its video magazines in 65 malls across the nation. The next generation network empowers content owners to create channels and allows on-the-go users to personalize their viewing experience at home, work or play.

Varsity has relationships with more than 2500 high schools nationwide and an extensive library of user created and professionally produced programming featuring sports series, reality shows, dramas, comedies, music shows, animation and films.

For more information, visit www.VarsityWorld.com or www.ooh.tv.

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