Omnitronix' PowerBoss One enables power control of remote-site equipment

Omnitronix, a supplier of remote monitoring equipment, has announced the release of its PowerBoss One (PB1), the first in a new line of power-management products.

The PB1 control unit allows the individual power-cycling of eight independent pieces of equipment - such as routers, servers, transceivers, amplifiers and air conditioners - at the mixed voltages commonly found in remote and local sites.

The PB1 facilitates control of remote sites via its heavy-duty mechanical relays that can each handle AC or DC current up to 10 amps at 60VDC or 277VAC. Its relays can be used in a normally closed position that ensures that power will still be provided to all remote equipment even if the PB1 were to experience a failure.

PB1 operates as an attachment to other Omnitronix site, monitoring equipment such as the Omnitronix SNMP-Link SL81. Up to 16 PowerBoss units or other sensors can be daisy-chained to an SL81, allowing multiple monitoring points and scalability on an "as needed" basis. Each PB1 can then individually power-cycle (switch OFF/ON) up to eight various pieces of equipment, even though they are of different voltages. Using the SL81, power can then be manually controlled via SNMP or command-line interface. Power cycling can be programmed into the SL81 as a response to detect alarm conditions.

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