OmniBus, Masstech Group to jointly support multichannel origination

Integrated automation and media lifecycle management systems offer solutions for multichannel broadcasting

OmniBus Systems and the Masstech Group are working together to provide clients with integrated automation and content management solutions that enable multichannel broadcast workflows.

Within the workflow engineered by the two companies, the ingest of tape-based material is controlled by OmniBus automation, which allows for quality checking as material is ingested. The MassStore media lifecycle management system moves the digital asset into the appropriate storage device for archiving, editing or playout. When a playlist is loaded onto the automation system, the OmniBus and Masstech systems pull the content back from storage, route it to the playout server, and then transmit the media out for broadcast.

OmniBus Systems' multichannel automation and control system allows users to expand channel output in small or large increments. OmniBus device drivers enable the system to bridge the gap between video, audio, Internet and data-streaming applications.

The Masstech MassStore system interfaces with existing station automation systems, video servers, and archives while providing an asset management core for single- and multichannel environments. All material within a facility, whether on video servers, intermediary RAID cache, data libraries, or media storage shelves, is tracked by MassStore and made available for playout automatically as needed.

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