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OCTOPUS to feature newsroom computer at Broadcast Asia

OCTOPUS will showcase its OCTOPUS5 newsroom computer system June 14-17 in Singapore at Broadcast Asia 2005.

OCTOPUS5 has a unique and powerful scripting tool that lets users see technical commands at left while writing on the right. Text can be formatted, including the colors, and formatting is available on prompter screens.

The OCTOPUS graphical interface is clean and easy to use. It allows users to configure many parameters. Layouts, colors and other set-up can be saved for later use.

OCTOPUS5 uses Unicode as its main code page. Users can mix Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Tamil or Urdu in one system, one rundown and even in a single script.

The OCTOPUS content search engine searches all the information stored in OCTOPUS5, including stories, wires, media and contacts. The search engine is language independent and can search any language.

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