Nextamp intros watermarking for VOD

Nextamp’s software development kit is targeted at systems in which content owners require a high level of security before they license premium movies

Nextamp, a provider of watermarking technology for forensic tracking, is offering a software development kit for digital rights management (DRM) and conditional access (CA) applications for IP television systems over broadband networks.

The kit is targeted at VOD service operators for systems in which content owners require utmost content security before they license premium movies and other content.

Watermarking complements DRM and CA systems by ensuring traceability in case of content theft, even through an analog hole. Pirate DVD editions and Internet files can be traced back to the source of leakage. Watermarking preserves user access to the content but is said to dissuade recipients from illicitly reusing their own copy.

Video watermarking technology also provides invisible and indelible labeling of individual copies of a given movie title. The watermark is in the essence of the content and independent from the video format, whether analog, digital, compressed or un-compressed. For VOD applications, the watermark can be embedded directly within MPEG format, either on files on video servers, on-the-fly during multicast or unicast transaction, or processed in the set-top box itself.

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