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Nexsan introduces SATABeast storage array

Nexsan Technologies has introduced SATABeast, an enterprise-class storage array built around Serial ATA disk drives in a single, scalable solution for data intense storage applications.

SATABeast's mechanical design provides improved cooling for optimal thermal operation, reduces drive vibration and energy efficiency. It has 21TB of storage capacity in 4U of rack space.

SATABeast employs AutoMAID energy saving technology that automatically and transparently places the array's disk drives in an idle, yet active, state to reduce power consumption. AutoMAID is granular to the individual drive level and enables users to determine access times and the level of energy savings desired. AutoMAID automatically monitors and performs regular integrity checks of all idle drives in the array.

Each RAID controller is configured with dual high-performance 2GB Fibre Channel SFP LC host ports powering the SATABeast to sustained read speeds of more than 700MB/s. The SATABeast's NexScan management interface is built into the SATABeast controller, alleviating the need to have a separate server or application manage the storage array. This management utility monitors and reports the status of all subsystems over a 10-, 100-, or 1000-network port.

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