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Lectrosonics IFB R5a: synthesized UHF beltpack receiver used for a variety of applications in broadcast or film production; default frequency at turn-on is set with rotary switches on the side of unit; up to five additional frequencies can be stored using scan mode; features compandor noise reduction circuitry; includes rotating the knob for on/off, volume and scanning the channel and storing frequencies; warns user when the battery is going dead; has a rugged aluminum housing with a spring-loaded belt clip; 800-821-1121; fax: 505-892-6243;
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Grass Valley Group NewsQ Pro: system offers automatic or manual control of up to four Profile system channels; compatible with newsroom production systems using the industry-standard Media Object Server (MOS) protocol, such as the AP ENPS system; users can view a playlist and control playback via keyboard, mouse or GPI trigger; insert, move or delete an item without interrupting playback; manually stack a playlist or switch to manual control in case of an emergency; 530-478-3000; fax: 530-478-3755;
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Sypha DAW Buyers Guide: users now have free online access to Sypha's reference at; offers high-quality, comprehensive, up-to-date information on digital audio workstations, disk-based multitracks and tapeless recorders; browse through its database; search for specific products by application, system type, host platform, audio quality, replay channels, cost range, manufacturer and system name; product coverage includes turnkey systems, card/unit and software packages; covers audio, recording and editing applications; +44 20 87 61 1042; fax: +44 20 8244 8758;
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Canopus DVStorm SE: combines stability, reliability and affordability with an extensive high-performance feature set; real-time, variable-speed control feature with slow motion effects; adjust speed of a clip from -200 percent to 200 percent in real time within Adobe Premiere 6.0; used in any combination with any of DVStorm SE's filters and transitions; 408-954-4500; fax: 408-954-4504;
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Pinnacle Systems CineWave 1.2: software and hardware systems; supports 16-bit YUV, 8-bit RGBA and HD qualification; supports for Final Cut Pro 2; features CineOffline, which allows users to maximize storage space using offline qualities to reduce the size of the media within a project; 650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601;
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Microwave Radio Communications STRATA: small, rugged, lightweight system with integrated COFDM and MPEG-2; can adapt to simplex, duplex, single-hop, multi-hop, digital, analog, internally integrated, or outboard COFDM and MPEG-2, traditional video applications or applications requiring 90 Mbits/s data rates; can be interchanged between mobile, airborne or fixed applications; 800-490-5700; fax: 978-671-5800;
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Tandberg D-ENG: uses OFDM multi-carrier modulation to eradicate ghosting problems in OB, live news or sports applications; multi-carrier modulation spreads the signal evenly across many frequencies; 407-380-7055; 407-380-6691;
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Utah Scientific UTAH-400: high-density digital routing switcher is designed to address the growing requirement for large switching systems; expands from 64×64 to 1280×1280 and beyond; based on new matrix architecture that reduces the complexity of large systems; includes high-definition and standard-definition digital video switchers and a digital audio switcher; 801-575-8801; fax: 801-537-3099;
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Discreet Combustion 2: supports multi-format project capabilities including video, HDTV and 64-bit color; includes a fully editable interactive schematic view; intuitive compositing; a fully integrated 2D particle system; motion graphics module; 800-925-6442; fax: 514-954-7254;
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Inscriber Technology E-Clips server: a multichannel, digital video server; combines delivery power with ease of use; available in two-, four-, six- or eight-channel configurations; able to playback multiple channels of independent content simultaneously; has complete control over external devices and the flexibility to integrate with automation systems; provides easy access to an array of media; provides playback of video clips; captures output from VTRs; displays and captures live video feeds; controls switchers and accesses material from digital disk records; 519-570-9111; fax: 519-570-9140;
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Stagetec Nexus XER card: AES/EBU receiver allows a digital microphone to be connected directly to the Nexus digital audio routing system; can be used by all connected base devices; offers digital phantom powering for digital microphones as well as remote control of microphone functions; reads and monitors the factory ID, serial ID and model ID of the connected digital microphone; prepares for future developments such as digital wireless microphones; +49 9545 440 300; fax: +49 9545 440 333;
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Tandberg Television Voyager Lite: a backpack D-ENG solution designed for wireless cameras; incorporates high-quality video encoding with an integrated DVB-T modulator/upconverter providing 2.4GHz RF output; unit fits in a small pack weighing 2 kilos and is carried on cameraman's back; 407-380-7055; fax: 407-380-6691;
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Azden SGM-1X: a single-barrel hyper-directional super-cardioid shotgun microphone; has a wide frequency response (80-18, 000Hz); low noise and accepts up to 110dB SPL input levels; uses a single “AAA” battery that last more than 1000 hours; has balanced low-impedance XLR output; 516-328-7500; fax: 516-328-7506;
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Virage Video Logger 5.0 Software Developer Kit 5.0 and Control Center 2.0: suite creates a simultaneous real-time process for controlling, automating and integrating the workflow, surrounding video transformation, including encoding, indexing and delivery; enhanced automation; tighter time synchronization; control for simultaneous, multi-format encoding; control center manages, monitors and schedules multiple video feeds; videologger automatically creates a rich, multi-layered video database; encoder software automates and controls the encoding workflow for multiple formats and bit rates; media analysis plug-ins enrich video database through enhanced signal analysis; software developer's kit features extended open architecture for custom integration; 650-573-3210; fax: 650-573-3211;
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PiRod “Revision G: How it's going to impact your job”: sheds light on changes likely to occur after standard is in place; explains how changes will impact tower design; 219-936-4221; fax: 219-936-6796;
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MGE UPS Pulsar Source Transfer Switch: switch automatically and instantaneously transfers up to 1400VA (12A of 120V 50- to 60Hz AC current) of load power from a preferred source to an alternate in the event of a power failure; simple and effective way of adding a second input power source to a single input sourced piece of equipment; features separate electromagnetic compliance filters, pairs of dual redundant power connection management relays and electronic control circuits; transfer of load power from the preferred to the alternate source takes seven milliseconds; 714-557-1636; fax: 714-435-1445;
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Heartland Video Systems High Definition Integrated DTV System: provides a single rack containing upconversion, routing, monitoring, encoding, multiplexing and PSIP generation; highlights front panel control and PC control of most components; integrates equipment from Tandberg Television, Miranda Technologies, Dolby, Evertz and Triveni Digital; can be configured from SD only to HD/SD with dynamic PSIP and multiplexing of pre-compressed inputs; 800-332-7088; fax: 920-893-3106;;
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Microsoft Corp. and Chyron Corp. Metaplayer: allows broadcasters to manage and maintain millions of hyperlinks instantaneously; uses Simple Object Access Protocol; retrieves incoming interactive triggers from multiple sources; redirects sources to various channels; Microsoft: 425-882-8080; fax: 425-936-7329;; Chyron: 631-845-2000;
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Snell & Wilcox Shakeout: uses Snell & Wilcox Ph.C motion estimation technology; provides real-time correction for unstable images so that pictures from remote locations are as watchable as those from studio cameras; 408-260-100; 408-260-2800;
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ZGC P+S Technik Mini 35 Digital Adapter: allows videographers to attach any 35mm film lens with an Arri PL, Nikon or Panavision mount to their Canon XL-1 or new XL-1S digital video camera; designed for any type of video production; can watch test footage shot with a Canon XL-1 mounted with the P+S Adapter and Cannon 35mm and Zeiss 35mm motion picture lenses at the ZGC Web site; 973-335-4460; fax: 973-335-4560;
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K Tech Telecom DTV Broadcast Products VSB-FRQ-200: 8-VSB to DVB-ASI/SMPTE 310M converter; takes an 8-VSB terrestrial signal to baseband; updates the PSIP VCT; generates DVB-ASI and SMPTE output signals simultaneously; accepts DVB-ASI and SMPTE-310M inputs; updates PSIP; produces DVB-ASI and SMPTE 310M outputs; 818-361-2248; fax: 818-270-2010;
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Vela CineCast HD, CineCast HD/1, Cinecast HD/2 decoders: single- and dual-channel SCSI-based MPEG-2 decoders are DTV and HDTV solutions for broadcast, post-production, advertising and electronic cinema; support all 18 ATSC formats defined as standard HDTV resolutions; capable of decoding DVB and ARIB-compliant transport streams; command and media are received through a fast, reliable SCSI Ultra-2 LVDS interface; includes dual-channel stereo decoding of MPEG layer audio; 727-507-5300; fax: 727-507-5310;
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Leitch MediaFile: designed to integrate into demanding broadcast environments; supports two analog fill + key channels or one digital fill + key channel 2RU; also supports up to two digital channels in 4RU; features rack-mountable chassis and shock-mounted drives; 757-548-2300; fax: 757-548-4210;
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Evertz F9-2410MD: uses full-resolution digital data output from camera to provide full-image downconverted composite analog outputs for local and remote monitoring; supports all HD video formats from the HDW-F900 camera; rugged and lightweight; attaches to the rear of the HDCAM; integration battery mount for easy installation and use; available in several versions; 905-335-3700; fax: 905-335-3573;
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